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October 26, 2016

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Fall 2014 Trend Report: Finding the red that is right for you

November 11, 2014

This season, change up your look by going red. All tones of red are rich, dimensional, and add the ideal amount of warmth to your complexion come late fall and winter. Contrary to popular belief, there is a wide range of tones in the red color family, meaning that anyone – regardless of original hair color and skin tone – can find a red that is right for them. If you’re apprehensive about taking the plunge, remember that red can be applied as a gloss, which lasts less than two months. Colorist Rachael Schneck says, “People have a hard time feeling confident with color changes. However, gloss is temporary, fading out after six weeks, so it is a fun, experimental way to try color!” Red hair falls into four main color categories: blue red, purple red, copper/orange, and ginger. Read on to find one that suits your personal coloring and style.


Blue Red: Blue red is a true red, and done correctly, this tone will work on almost any skin tone. To picture a proper blue red, think of red velvet cake or Jessica Rabbit. This red is intended for wear on the decadent, glamorous woman.



Purple Red: Purple red is a deep merlot, plum, black cherry color. Purple red creates an exotic flair, and will emphasize your hair’s shine and color intensity. This color isn’t necessarily supposed to look natural, and is best for people who have olive skin and naturally dark hair. Avoid purple red if you have red or pink tones in your skin, because the purple will bring out the redness. Lastly, it is suggested that people with purple red hair wear their hair wavy, so that your hair doesn’t look too wig-like.



Copper/Orange: For those who have a vintage vibe and great style, a copper/orange red might be best for you. Christina Hendricks and Taylor Tomassi Hill are both great examples of copper. This color works on almost any skin tone, but has to be well maintained so it doesn’t fade too quickly.



Ginger: This is the color you see on a natural redhead, such as Nicole Kidman and Jessica Chastain. A ginger red works best on someone with fair skin and light eyes. Unlike some of the other colors, this red is not intense. The darker you go, the less red you’ll see.



If you’re going red, regardless of which tone, be aware that you might have to change your makeup a bit to complement your new hair color. For the fall-winter season, Rachael reveals that her favorite look is “radiant red hair paired with glowing skin, a bright lip, and a shimmering, neutral eye with long lashes.” Asked what someone should keep in mind makeup-wise when taking their hair red, Dallas local makeup artist LB Rosser says, “Think warmer tones, such as a light dusting of bronzer and a peachy blush. Don’t be afraid of a bold lip in peach, apricot or rose. When going red, avoid foundations or tinted moisturizers with too much of a pink undertone.” The take-away? When you give red gloss a try on your hair, stick to makeup in earth tones (olive, khaki, gold, cinnamon, coral) to maintain a warm, harmonious beauty look that is appropriate for the current season. 

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