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October 26, 2016

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September 16, 2016

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Spring 2015 Brush Guide

February 23, 2015

Do you ever wonder how your stylist at PIN Salon is able to give your hair such volume and bounce, while you can never achieve the same effect at home? We understand that you might have the right hair products, and know every blow-drying tip in the book, but the secret to hairstyling lies in the brush. Without the right brush, your hairstyle will be nearly impossible to perfect. Furthermore, you might be actively harming your hair with a subpar brush. Below is a field guide to our three favorite, PIN-approved brushes. We’ve broken each brush entry down with a physical description and a purpose so you can find the right brush to fit your hair needs.


Di Prima Brush: Round brush for volume and shine


These luxurious, long-lasting round brushes are created in Spain, and are a must-have for hairstylists all over the world. The Di Prima Brush is the perfect combination of high-quality boar and synthetic bristles. The boar bristles bring out noticeable shine in hair, while the synthetic bristles activate volume. Another deluxe feature of the Di Prima Brush is the cork handle, which doesn’t catch the hair when you roll it over the brush as you blow dry. The final feature we love in the Di Prima is the solid wood body that protects hair from getting overheated, much unlike a plastic version. The Di Prima brush is an essential tool for those who round brush their hair on a regular basis, and for everyone who is pining for voluminous, high-shine hair. The Di Prima Brush is available for purchase at PIN Salon in three sizes (s/m/l).


Olivia Garden Ceramic Round Brush: Round brush to create a hot roller effect


The Olivia Garden Brush is another one of our favorite round brushes. The brush is enhanced with Tourmaline Ion Technology, has a smooth plastic handle, and is endowed with the best synthetic bristles on the market. These bristles are responsible for hydrating the hair cuticle, adding shine, and repelling static. The difference between this round brush and the Di Prima round brush is that the Olivia Garden has only synthetic bristles. If used regularly for a long period of time, the synthetic bristles can cause damage to the hair. One of our favorite features of the Olivia Garden is its ceramic body, which gives you an even distribution of heat while blow-drying, and thus protects hair better. This round brush is ideal for creating a hot roller effect, because the shape of the tool allows you to heat each section of hair from both sides simultaneously. The Olivia Garden Ceramic Round Brush is well suited to those who want to create unmatched body, and long-lasting hairstyles with their brush, or for those who simply want more control of the brush while blow-drying. The Olivia Garden brush will soon be available for purchase at PIN Salon.


Wet Brush: Flat brush to easily detangle wet or dry hair


Everyone with long to medium hair should have the Wet Brush in their beauty arsenal. Regardless of hair type, the Wet Brush works wonders on tangled hair. Most breakage in hair occurs when you brush through knots. This brush, however, will help you avoid this issue completely and detangles hair with ease. Use it on yourself with wet or dry hair, or on your kids to quell those inevitable tangled-hair-meltdowns. The Wet Brush is available for purchase at PIN Salon. 

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