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October 26, 2016

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Balayage Highlights for a Natural, Sun-Kissed Look

May 6, 2015

 Looking to switch up your hair color routine? Try balayage, a “sweeping” technique that creates natural looking, sun-kissed highlights that grow out softly.


Balayage is commonly seen on blondes, however the technique can actually be used on any shade of hair color. Today’s color trends such as ecaille (tortoiseshell) and babylights are created using the painterly balayage technique. Our clients love balayage technique because we are able to paint close to the scalp and through the ends as needed for a bright, but natural look. Balayage is one of our favorite ways to create that beachy, tousled feel that’s always on-trend for summer.


There are several differences between the balayage and foil techniques. One of the main differences is that your colorist has more freedom as to placement with balayage. Be mindful that balayage is a tedious application and takes more time to complete than your typical foil highlight, which is reflected in price. If you’re coming into PIN for balayage and to take your hair from Rapunzel-length to chin-length, we recommend getting your haircut before the color is applied. That way, the colorist can insure that the artistry of the technique is visible even through the ends of your strands. If you’re getting balayage, and you expect the length of your hair to be more or less the same after a cut, book color then cut as usual.


While balayage produces a beautiful, bohemian look, it is not the ideal technique for everyone’s hair. First and foremost, balayage is best for someone who maintains the same parting on their scalp, and someone who can wait at least eight weeks in between hair appointments. Foil highlights are good for long hair that has dark permanent color. Foils activate heat, which help to lift the hair to a lighter color. Foil highlights are also the best choice for high maintenance blondes who need a touch up at least every six weeks, as well as for those who have super fine, thin hair.


Before trying balayage, talk with your colorist to see if you’re a good candidate for the technique. If your colorist determines you’re best with a foil highlight, remember that it is still possible to achieve the same balayage look on your hair with foils. At PIN, we believe in healthy, beautiful hair and we keep this in mind as we plan our color application and formula.


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